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senco pc1010n reviewA lot to know about things before you buy and you’re doing the research that’s how you found  our Senco PC 1010 review. We’re going to give you an honest Senco PC1010 review from our part to make it real easy to figure out which tool is right for you.

Portable and maneuverable SENCO PC1010 is a cool mini air compressor with great little tank entitled for home owners and for a trim carpenter as long as you don’t want to run in tough jobsite.

If you just want to do trim work, inflate tires or anything like that PC1010 would be a very nice compressor. You can store it on a shelf somewhere it runs on a little breaker; you don’t have any problem with breaker tripping.

The adjustment for the air pressure with automatic mechanism on and off feature makes it really useful. SENCO PC1010 hot dog compressor has got a half horsepower motor. As far as pump up time goes, it takes less than 2.5 minutes to reach 0 to 125 PSI having 35 seconds of recovery time.  What people like to do with the tools is putting in the hands and maneuver wherever they like and just run some air tools.

Motor and Pump

SENCO PC1010 is packed with 0.5 Running horsepower motor having 1 Hp peak. This draws stunningly low 4 amps allowing you to plug into an ordinary household outlet without the hassle of circuit breaker.

The unit comes with a single stage oil-free direct drive pump. So, you need not to bother about periodical oil change. Whereas direct drive pump is usually used in consumer grade compressors,  belt-drive pump is engineered in industrial compressors operated in automobile shops.  The pump mechanism includes cast aluminum cylinder, piston and a teflon cylinder rings.


Having 1-gallon mini air tank SENCO PC1010 is ideal for light applications. With this small tank, you can sink about two dozen 23 gauge nails and one dozen 18 gauge nails. When it comes to finish nailer, you can sink only three to four nails before the motor starts on.

So, you know it is what it is.  Being a lightweight and light-duty compressor, it’s not going to give you a lot of capacity before it starts kicking on and running. If you’re operating a lot of nails with a finish nailer, you’re going to listen to this device going on all the time. But using a brad nailer or pin nailer, it’s piece of cake.


SENCO PC1010 delivers  0.7 CFM at 90 PSI that allows to power small air tools out there. You should not expect finishing, framing and roofing a house all day long like professionals do.

Each air tool has certain requirement of PSI and SCFM rating that you will found on user’s manual or manufacturer’s webpage. Your compressor must produce that much air volume and pressure to run perfectly.

When buy an air compressor, first determine what sorts of air tools you are going to use. Then find out the top heavy-duty tool that requires highest SCFM at highest PSI and add extra 1.5 SCFM value to avoid buffering.

Decibels of Noise

SENCO PC1010 produces 68 dBA of noise from 1 foot distance which makes it one of the quietest compressor on the market. It is ideal for indoor projects.  Taking on its performance, its design, its quality, its quiet operational noise and then the value proposition, we definitely recommend this to a homeowner or fellow contractor.

Dimension and Portability.

Weighing 20 pounds and measuring 14 x 13 x 10 inches, SENCO PC1010 is the best portable compressor on the market. You can carry it around your job site with ease.

Additional features

Two pressure gauges are available to monitor storage pressure and outlet pressure.

  1. Just at back of motor switch, there is safety valve that releases unwanted extra pressure for safety purpose.
  2. 6 feet long 115-volt electric power cord is included with this unit allowing you to plug into a remote outlet.
  3. A plastic construction shroud covers the pump to prevent it from unwanted bump. One side is kept open for ventilation.
  4. An integrated metal roll bar gives SENCO PC1010 increased protection.
  5. The foam grip makes portability convenient and easy.
  6. Right under the tank is drain valve to release moisture. It is always recommended to drain unwanted water to avoid corrosion and give the tank extended lifespan.

Caution: We firmly discourage to open the drain valve when the tank pressure is above 9 PSI.

Standard ¼ inch air hose connector is flanked by the pump. it would be nice if they would make this double. You know, sometimes you have a small nailer or big nailer for trimming.

At the bottom of output pressure gauge is the pressure regulator to supply desired air pressure.

The non-skid beefy rubber feet absorb vibrations and noise. You can put the unit right on hardwood floor, you’re not going to scratch the floor.

The industrial grade air filter helps the pump breathe fresh air and prevent unwanted particles entering inside the tank. If the filter gets dirty, don’t through it. Senco claims the filter as reusable. What you need to do is just cleaning it with detergent power and reinstall it when dry.


  • Light weight and easy to haul around.
  • It’s is perfect for the range of applications it has been made.
  • It is featured with so many added mechanical devices to ensure highest safety at your job site.
  • Very low operating noise makes it perfect for use in confined location.


  • Not capable for tough job site.
  • Takes too much time to refill. Few customers complained against recover time to be longer than claimed.
  • The tank size is too small. So, storage finishes very fast and recycles frequently.


Light weight and built for trimming SENCO PC1010 is best in its class. If you need to run only brad nailer or staple nailer, no other compressor having same size and weight can satisfy you more than this.

It’s really nice; you can just take both nailer and the unit and carry it around with you. You will get everything you thought it would do be in a mini sized compressor.

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