Best Industrial Air Compressor Reviews | 30,60,80-Gallon Air Compressor Tank

I want to give a few tips here in best industrial air compressor reviews to help you to pick out the best for your needs. Air compressors for industry, automotive workshop, gas station are packed with varied capacity, features and specifications That are nothing sort of confusing.

To get started two questions you need to ask yourself are:

  • how often you plan to use the compressor?
  • what kind of working you are planning to do with it?

This will tell you to determine things like PSI, CFM and if you need a one or two stage compressor. Single stage compressors are perfect for occasional use of air tools like nailers and inflation. These compressors are usually portable and small stationary units and up to thirty gallons in size. Another thing to keep in mind is that single stage compressors are usually limited from anywhere between 120and 144 PSI and run one tool at a time.

Two-stage air compressors and large single stage stationary units are built for everyday use with high demand air tools and if you’re operating more than one tool at a time, it will keep your tools running longer and with higher operating pressure. A 60 to 80-gallon air compressor like these would be necessary for this type of work.

keep in mind that some larger compresses need more power to run so having a dedicated circuit for the air compressor may be required. Depending on the work you’ll be doing you need to decide between oil or oil-free compressors. These Pro-force compressors are 20gallon or smaller and oil-free that means less maintenance for you but possibly a shorter life span for the compressors.

Oil-lube units are generally larger but last much longer and provide higher performance. They will give you more air with longer run times for tools like ratchets, hammers and impact and they are built for industrial use. You also need to know how much air pressure your air tool requires. Most tools need 90psi to work properly but this varies between tools. Be aware of what are your working with.

Another important fact is a cubic feet per minute or CFM which is flow rate of pressurized air. An easy way to figure this out is to find the CFM rating in the most powerful tool you have. Then find an air compressor with a higher rating and then the tool will run without a glitch. Now you know the details consider before you buy.

  • Industrial Air  80-Gallon Air Compressor
  • Industrial Air  60-Gallon Air Compressor
  • Industrial Air  30-Gallon Air Compressor

Industrial Air  80-Gallon Air Compressor

This unit features 5 HP. two stage pump runs at 240 volt meant for big task.

FS-Elliott’s Industrial Compressors Reviews

For over 50 years FS-Elliott’s oil-free centrifugal air and gas compressors have led the industry with a technologically advanced design that delivers reliable trouble-free operation with the lowest cost of ownership.

Offering a horsepower range of 250 to 5,000, with up to four stages of compression our compressors are ideally suited to a broad range of industries. every aspect of your compressors performance is governed by our multifaceted regulus control system.

This easy-to-use central control system features the most powerful processors in the industry and can be used either remotely or at the site of the unit itself. With the unprecedented control provided by the regular system, a manager can operate one or more compressors at a time.

While simultaneously achieving the greatest energy saving efficiency possible before entering the first compression stage in a multi-stage configuration, ambient air or gas must pass through FS Elliott’s high-efficiency filtration system. From there an inlet guide vanes automatically adjusts itself to change in system demand regulating the incoming low velocity air or gas stream as it flows toward the first stage impeller with a pre swirl effect.

As the low velocity air or gas stream flows into the first stage stainless-steel impeller at the inducer, centrifugal force directs its flow to the trailing edge. From there the accelerated air or gas stream flows from the first impeller to a radio diffuser, which converts the airs high velocity into static pressure before the heated air enters the scroll casing.

To ensure perfect aerodynamics, FS Elliott will custom design both the backward leaning impeller and radio diffuser for your specific application. With each stage of compression, the air or gas temperature rises, pressure increases and volume decreases.

In addition to the impellers and radio diffusers, the rotor assembly consists of opinion supported by two self-centering tilting or flexure pad journal bearings. Shaft seals on the impellers prevent gearbox oil from contaminating the compression chamber. Powered by a high-speed motor, the pinions and central bullgear are machined to add more quality class 13.

After passing into the scroll casing, the heated air or gas flows through the interstage piping into the first-stage intercooler causing the moisture to condensate and separate from the lower velocity cooled air. Because FS Elliott intercoolers features straight through tubes. Cleaning is possible rather than costly replacement.

As the air travels through the corrosion resistant plenum, the separated condensate is removed from the compressor through a drain valve located at the bottom of the inter-cooler enclosure. By regulating the discharge of condensate, the drain valve increases the efficiency of the process by preventing unnecessary compressed air loss. Once the condensate is removed, the cooled air exits the inter-cooler and flows into the inlet duct for the next stage of compression.

During which the entire process is repeated the compressed air or gas then moves to the after cooler where it’s cooled and any remaining moisture is removed. this highly energy-efficient process concludes with the delivery of ISO 8573-1 class 0 certified oil-free air -ready to power a variety of industrial applications.

Depending on the number of stages within the configuration, discharge pressure can reach a maximum of 350 PSIG or 23 BARG. Whether your application calls for a hard-working industrial compressor package or an engineered custom design, you can count on FS Elliott to deliver efficient energy saving performance ease of operation and rugged reliability

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